Other server administration tasks

Some server administarion tasks (User/group Management, Backup, Security, System monitoring, File sharing) are worth separate sections to be addressed, other small administration tasks are described here.


Turn off display with a command line

Turn off:

xset dpms force off


Turn on:

xset dpms force on


This is a very nice trick.

Recommended Drupal modules

Here are Drupal modules I'd like to recommend most:

Download and install Drupal

From this point on, one needs no super user previlege.

Build a LAMP server

The Ubuntu installation CD server edition provides an option to install a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server.


To turn an existing system (Ubuntu 9.10 and after) to a LAMP server, simply run command:

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Follow the installation instruction.



It is also desirable to set up phpmyadmin to administrate MySql.

Install Tikiwiki

Unlike Drupal and Wordpress, Wiki is a very well oriented to collaborated "static" web development. For example, a site of software documentation usually has a predefined layout. Multiple users edit different sections simutanousely. The easy tracking of revisions is also a plus.

Here is an example of setting up a Tikiwiki site, tested on Ubuntu 9.10.


Although the installation is under user directory, some prerequisites should be met, under the help from privileged user. Most of them should already be available on a web server.

Install drupal6 under per user account

Drupal is a nice CMS that allows you to focus on writing content rather than designing and coding for the site itself.

Ubuntu package manager installs drupal under system directory, and Drupal site gives you instruction to install at the site base as well.

Here is an example of installing Drupal6 under user accounts on Ubunti 9.10. In theory, you can allow multiple users to install different versions of drupal under their own accounts.

Your site and Google

This is not really an Ubuntu tip. You can submit and improve your site with google web tools.


Submit a web site to Google:

Fill in a form from here:



Improve your site with Google Webmaster:

Sign in Google webmaster

Delete files older than ...

One of my web application dumps temporary files to /tmp and sometimes the number of such files could grow very big. I set up a cron job to delete files started with name "plot" whose last access time is older than 60 minutes:

find /tmp/plot* -amin +60 -exec rm {} \;

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