Fix "mount: special device /dev/disk/by-label/**** does not exist" error

When I added an external disk as a backup media, I did the following, just as what I did under Fedora Core servers:

How to force delete a package (or hide the error of a failed installation)?

There is a time I installed a .deb package which was coverted from .rpm by alien. The installation went wrong and I was not able to either to reinstall it or remove it. The system is fine, but the real problems are:

1) every time I update the system, the error is printed on the screen.

2) if one attempts to uninstall it with apt-get or aptitude, 83MB linux headers are removed.

I decided to fix this but suprisingly, there seems no option like "force remove" can do the magic. Finally, I give up, and found a solution to "hide" the problem.

Install Intel Compiler Suite Professional Edition

Intel offers non-commercial license for its C, Fortran compilers and math kernel libraries free of charge through

Be noted Acdemic use is not covered by Intel's non-commercial license.

Here we are going to install IA32 and AMD64 compilers and libraries on a 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04 Server.

Make MPICH2, Intel compilers, and Grid Engine work under Ubuntu 10.04

In a practical cluster, ther often exist multiple MPICH implementations, multiple compilers, and they all need to work with Grid Engine. Here outlined is an example to install and setup a combination of MPICH, compiler that could work for multiple users under Grid engine with other existing MPICH and compilers.

Install persistent Ubuntu to USB flash drive from Ubuntu Desktop (Dead Project)

This is a dead project right now, because I didn't figure out how to make GRUB2 to boot from the USB without knowing the hard disks on the host computer. For my work, I installed sysrecuecd to a USB drive then run gpartd to make one more partition on the ISB drive to store my files. The primary partition on USB is in FAT32 and changes are not savable.


Firefox downloads phtml file when running php under user directory

After upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux Mint Isadora as well), the php scripts under user directory stopped working all the sudden. The error shows up as prompting user to download a phtml file.

A little google search showed a config file is responsible for this:


4 Days Ago <!-- / status icon and date -->   #4

Make movie from jpg files in command line

I set up a IP camera that monitors the server room. It sends captured image every 5 seconds to my ftp server in name serverroom_timestamp.jpg. Here is a command to compile the jpg files into a sigle movie:

mencoder "mf://serverroom*.jpg" -mf fps=10 -ovc lavc -o serverroom.mpg


I also wrote a cron job to move jpg files to a folder named by the day.

jot - print sequential or random data

I usually use seq to generate a list of numbers. But it appears jot can do this and much more.

sudo apt-get install athena-jot



Sync network time

sudo ntpdate


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